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Artemis Birthing Services

Auckland, New Zealand


A Doula offers educational support for the birthing person, as well their birthing partner if they have chosen one. Doulas are your emotional guard; to provide resources, knowledge, and information to help empower you, as well as offering consistent and unconditional support throughout the different stages of your pregnancy and your birth.


Doulas are an addition to the birth team, not a replacement

for the birth partner- we are here to support them too.


Studies of over 5000 birthing people, by Phyllis Klaus and John Kennell,

involving comparisons of outcomes with and without Doula support found:

50% drop in caesarean sections

25% reduction in length of labour

40% less need for augmentation with synthetic oxytocin

30% drop in need for pain medication

40% less use of forceps

60% drop in request for epidurals

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