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Lamaze Childbirth Education


Want to feel fully informed and empowered going into your birthing experience?





As a Lamaze International Certified Childbirth Educator, I am trained in and required to keep up to date with evidence-based information from studies on the best healthy birth practices, for both birthing people and for babies. 

I will be able to teach you how to fully understand what interventions you are agreeing to, or denying. How your body and your baby are working together to bring your little one into the world. How to advocate for yourself in labour and how to best prepare yourself and your birthing partner if you have chosen one, for you to have the most positive birthing experience possible. 

      ​I also provide classes in:

  • Newborn Care 

  • Lactation support

  • Prepared Partners-

To focus on the birth support person so they do not feel uncertain and helpless when trying to help their loved one through their labour. 


I host live classes online, as well as pre-recorded online classes in the event that you miss a live class, where you can afterwards ask me questions in live Q&A's.

I host in-person classes at multiple locations, and also offer private classes from the comfort of your own home. 

Book your choice of one of Auckland's most comprehensive Childbirth Education classes here: 

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